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Spanning over an endless collage of mega-metropolises, majestic mountains, ancient cities and stunning beaches, a lifetime in Mexico would not exhaust the beauty found here. Playful cities easily fade into remote vistas. Mayan ruins blend subtly into tropical foliage. And brilliant white sands always embrace the lapping waves on Mexico’s east and west coast. Millennia’s of world history have awarded Mexico with more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other country on the American continent. And miles of untamed landscape lend way to 22 biosphere reserves and 47 national parks.

Rich Heritage & Culture

Mexico’s rich history is made evident through an overwhelming display of antiquated structures and ancient cities. Aztec ruins, 16th century cathedrals, old monasteries and colonial establishments each tell a story about civilization before the modern era. Wild landscapes often complement these relics and immerse visitors in a world of thick forests, tropical jungles and dry desert plains. Thousands of indigenous species are hidden among the winding rivers and panoramic views of Mexico, creating an oasis for extravagant eco-tourism.

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Extreme Adventure & Leisurely Recreations

Elaborate reefs, lush plains and thick jungles appoint Mexico as an excellent place for extreme sports and leisurely recreations. Sunken ships and bustling marine life invite scuba divers to explore the ocean world. And the winding countryside found throughout the region often hosts breathtaking golf courses for perfecting your swing. The many safari’s, hiking trails and beachfront water sports offer languid travelers and ardent thrill seekers a personalized playground.

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Luxurious Resort Life and Local Culture

Elegant resorts and intimate villas line Mexico’s beaches and offer an excellent launch for enjoying the recreations and culture. Browse through a bustling bazaar for a sample of the local produce. Savor the world-famous taste of authentic Mexican cuisine. Or join the nightly jubilee and dance to the rhythms of a mariachi band. Every outing is met with the friendly faces and free spirit that give Mexico its charm.

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Destination Weddings and Picturesque Romance

The versatile landscape and stunning beaches of Mexico are a natural refuge for the world’s romantics. Ceremonies set in blossoming foliage and honeymoon retreats on mountainous highlands can easily be arranged by hotel specialists. Limited marriage restrictions and standard documentation make tying the knot in Mexico an effortless affair. Bring your love under the inspiring duress of nature and see why Mexico is a coveted destination for weddings, honeymoons and every romantic event.

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Mexico is Brilliant

From historical wonders and wild terrain to modern cities and peaceful beaches, the grandeur of Mexico can scarcely be explained. Six tourist regions stretching over one million sq. miles present the many faces of Mexico and take advantage of its dramatic landscapes. The various resort areas are enriched by Mexico’s festive culture and often lie just footsteps from the waters of the Pacific Ocean or Caribbean Sea. Exotic vacations find a new meaning under the eclectic colors of Mexico’s brilliance.

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